Facade Restoration Project

The Facade Restoration Project is now completed

The Danish Church in London appears again a bright and beautiful sight from Regent’s Park.

The Bath stone façade has been steam cleaned, stones repaired where needed, all damaged mortar has been repaired, the parapets rebuilt and pinnacles made safe. The renovation could not have happened without the support from Heritage Lottery Fund (now: The National Lottery).

It has been a long journey, since that first hammer test in November 2014 proved that the façade needed a thorough renovation. What was initially a cleaning and masonry repair project turned out to be more complicated than planned. A cherry picker survey revealed previously hidden gaps at high level in the turrets caused by erosion of the iron structures, posing severe danger of collapse. Restoring structural stability shot to the top priority, and many savings had to be found in the original project brief. A band of brand new stones is now visible near the top of the turrets marking the spot where a new steel structure is securing the turrets for many years to come.

Alongside the main Heritage Lottery Fund - supported project, we have taken advantage of the scaffold, and restored the church clock to working order. Thwaites and Reed has assured us it will keep perfect time for the next couple of hundred years. The clock restoration, and repainting and gilding of the clock face and hands, have been paid by Heritage of London Trust.

Read more about Heritage Lottery Fund here

AllChurches Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, CF Lunøe Trust Fund and Asta and Julius P. Justesen’s Foundation gave valuable contributions.


Lead Consultants for the project have been Malcolm Fryer Architects.

Main contractor on the project has been DBR London Ltd.

Chair of the Church Board Dorte Bille-Harding’s speech at the Façade Restoration Completion Reception: here