St Katharine's, The Danish Church in London is a branch of the Danish folk church (folkekirken). 

Just like in the churches in Denmark, we have Sunday worship the year around  (except from in August), we perform Christenings, confirmations, weddings, and funerals.

We have a café which is open for lunch and drinks when we have events, as well as a small shop selling Danish food, design, and craft. 

We are also a Danish culture centre and host regular activities such as parent group, café Mødestedet, book club, talks, exhibitions, concerts etc. as well as we celebrate the big traditional festivals every year.

Most of the activities are in Danish, but we do have some that are bilingual, and we always welcome learners - we even have a language school which provides 2 different opportunities for learning Danish, Saturday school and evening classes, with 5 levels so you can participate no matter what your skills are. 

So, feel free to join our community 

Allow us to refer to the calendar that enables all to keep up to date with the many activities of the church.