The Danish Church in London is based in the historic church building of St. Katherine’s - a 200 year-old neo-gothic church in London’s Regent’s Park. The Danish Church in London leases the building from the Crown Estate.

In 2012 The Danish Church celebrated 60 years in St. Katherine’s; however, there has been a Danish church in London since 1696. The first church could be found on Wellclose Square by Tower. By 1868 this church was no longer in use and for many years services were held in one of the Royal Chapels, Marlborough House Chapel. This was partly due to the late Queen Alexandra being Danish born. During the Second World War and until 1952, Danish services were held at The Swedish Church in Harcourt Street and at St. Clement’s Danes.

When St. Katherine’s became the Danish Church in London in 1952 it was thoroughly renovated and the opening was attended by the late King Frederik and Queen Ingrid on the May 11th 1952.

In 1867 the “Danish Seaman’s Church in Foreign Harbours” was established, and in London the Danish Seaman’s Church has existed for many years in different locations. However, since 1985 St. Katherine’s has also been functioning as a Seamen’s Church and today The Danish Church in London is part of the The Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church.