Danish lessons

Language is a big part of our culture, and Danish lessons is one of the most sought after activities at the Danish Church i London.

We have different offerings of Danish lessons, both for adults and children for all backgrounds and nationalities. On this page you can read more about them.


The Saturday School

Since 1970 the Saturday school at the Danish church, has taught children of all ages as well as adults in Danish.  

Every other Saturday afternoon from September to April the church opens its doors for the Saturday school, where more than 100 children and adults get together for Danish lessons on all levels. The adult students are often parents of the children who doesn’t have Danish as their mother tongue, but everyone are welcome. We put a lot of effort into creating a good community around the saturday school where everyone feel welcome, so we always start together in the church to sing a few songs before we go to the lessons. Every year the children in the Saturday school joins in the traditional Lucia procession in December at the church just before Christmas.

The Evening School

We also offer Danish lessons for adults, who are only able to join our lesson in the evenings. The Evening school offer 5 different levels,  the lessons are during the week from September to July. We do a combination of online classes and meeting in person. The teachers are experienced Danish teachers who are native Danish speakers and teach within informal and cosy settings, where Danish speech and understanding is taught with focus on authentic situations as well as Danish culture. The approach to the lessons are a mix of different methods, but the aim on all levels is to develop the students ability to express themselves especially verbally in fluent idiomatic current Danish.