Church Council

The Church Council is in charge of the practical and financial aspects of the Danish Church. A minimum of five of the Council’s members are elected by the members of the Church during the Annual General Meeting which usually takes place in June. The Pastors and the Church Warden are also members of the Council and the Danish Embassy in London appoints one member.

The meetings (four to six times per year) are announced on the website and are open to all the members of the Church. The many practical tasks are distributed between various committees which may also count other volunteers – sometimes people with a special expertise or sometimes just people who want to help. If you would like to contribute to the well being of the Danish Church and help the Church Council, please get in touch with us.

The Church Council 2021-2022

Bette Petersen Broyd, Chairman  email [email protected]

Christine Bergstedt, Deputy Chairman  

Niels Ring Andersen, Treasurer 

Anne-Grethe Jensen, Secretary 

Ole Justesen, Church Warden 

Palle Baggesgaard Pedersen, Church Warden

Flemming Kloster Poulsen, Pastor

Casper Orlyk, Membership and Zoom Coordinator   

Helle Diget Bond, Head of the Saturday School

Per Gullestrup, Economy and Business advisor 

Peter Melbye, IT, technology and organ maintenance   

Connie Yilmaz Jantzen, Dansk KFUK

Anne Dorothea Bruun Aubry, The Danish Embassy