The Danish Fair

The Danish Fair, in the heart of London, is an annual event which has taken place for almost as long as the 70 years the church has resided in Regent’s Park. Organised by the Danish Women association and the Danish Church, the day is one of the main fundraising events for the church. 

The church nave is transformed to a series of stalls selling Danish design, crafts, embroidery, books, antiques and no end of Danish pastries and baked goods. The Church Hall is where punters stock up on all the traditional Danish grocery goods and the ever-popular liquorice and snaps.

There is an auction of good Danish design and we have a yearly online raffle with amazing donated prizes. 

In the gardens you will find the restaurant selling open faced sandwiches, salads, and creamy cakes. In another section of the garden there will be lots of fun for children of all ages including bouncy castle, stalls, and activities. The famous Danish hot dogs and ‘frikadeller’ will be sold from street stalls.

It takes place on a Saturday in the end of May. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the joys of the best of Danish.