Saturday School children

The Saturday School is a language school for children from 4 years and upwards. Every other Saturday from September till March/April from 2-4pm children come for classes at the Church. We assemble in church, sing a few songs together and after the children join one of the classes. Parents are welcome to stay in church hall or even take up Danish classes themselves read more. Children are divided into groups according to age and Danish language ability.

The teachers are for the most part experienced volunteers. The emphasis is on teaching the children to speak, read and write Danish in order to get by in an everyday situation in Denmark. We prepare the students socially and culturally to integrate with their family and friends in Denmark and form Danish friendships in London, in order to experience the benefits of having a Danish and an English or other background.

As the classes are held every other Saturday, it is essential that the family speak Danish at home to support the education by watching Danish films, books, apps and papers to develop the language. The school offers materials to parents to support Danish language skills at home.

The teaching is not a religious activity, so everyone, regardless of religious background, can participate.
To participate in classes, your child must be covered by a family annual membership of the church, this is so he/she is insured during classes. After which tuition costs £85 per child per season. registration can be done on the member page.
In Saturday School there is room for everyone. If you do not have the funds to pay for the school, you can apply for The Danish Church Benevolent Fund or contact [email protected]

For further information, and to secure a place in the class, contact head teacher Pia Jeppesen on e-mail: [email protected]

Dates for autumn 2023: 9 Sept., 23 Sept., 7 Oct., 21 Oct., 4 Nov., 18 Nov., 2 Dec.

Dates for spring 2024: Jan. 13, Jan. 27, Feb. 24, Mar. 9, Mar. 23, Apr. 13, Apr. 27

Lucia is on December 10, 2023, and Fastelavn on February 10, 2024

Class levels:

Danish 2a - Year 3-5, age 7-9 - teaching will be in Danish

Danish 2b - Year 3-5, age 7-9 - teaching will be partly in English

Danish 3a - Year 5+, age 9-13  - teaching will be in Danish

Danish 3b - Year 5+, age 9-13  - teaching will be partly in English