Objectives and constitution

The name of the Church is The Danish Church in London, The Danish Seamen's Church in London. The main object is to spread the Word of Christ and to conduct services and religious ceremonies for Danes living in and around London. 

Moreover, the Church has the following aims: 

    • regularly conduct Church Services
    • perform religous rituals for Danes in Greater London, with preparatory conversations
    • offer pastoral care and informal support, especially to the elderly, needy and vulnerable, and for the Student Support Pastor particularly to students and other young Danes
    • offer religious education (eg Confirmation classes) 
    • initiate general religious enlightenment acitivities (eg study groups, lectures and debates), that contribute to personal deliberations and conclusions 


In addition, the Church has the following cultural, community-based and social purposes: 

    • to act as a meeting place for local Danes and their families, as well as for groups of Danes with a shared interest
    • to promote Danish culture through concerts, lectures, debates and screenings of Danish films etc
    • to celebrate Danish special occasions and traditions
    • to provide Danish language classes for children and adults 
    • to arrange activities and outreach work for Danish young people and students in the area, preferably in collaboration with Danish YWCA in London
    • on request, to visit ships with Danish seafarers on board

Within the means of the Church's individual funds, the Church aims to provide financial support as follows: 

    • the Benevolent Fund provides financial support as and when needed, to Danes in Greater London, who are elderly, in an emergency, or otherwise in need
    • the Educational Fund (FUHU) distributes, twice a year, as many study grants as the return on this fund allows, to Danish students in Great Britain, primarily to business students
    • the Summer school Fund pays annually - or as often as possible - for a summer school stay in Denmark, for as many pupils from the Church's Saturday School as the return on this fund allows
    • to a limited extent, the Church may support other charitable causes 



Find the translated constitution here