Exhibitions in Church Hall

As a new initiative, the church has chosen to have changing art exhibitions in the church hall, which daily form the setting for many of the church's cultural and social events.

The exhibitions are organised by the church's art committee.

Our Church Hall is used for all church events, such as Sunday lunch, Café Mødestedet, official visits, meetings and receptions. There is a changing audience where more people will get the chance to see the exhibition.

At the exhibitions, lectures or private views are arranged in certain cases in collaboration with the art committee. The art committee is not responsible for the display or sale of the works. The sale takes place directly with the artist, who donates a percentage of the sale to the running of the exhibition venue

The art committee is responsible for selecting artists. Should you be interested in exhibiting or curating an exhibition, write to the chairman Iben la Cour for more guidance and information: [email protected]