Refurbishment project

Why do we need a refurbishment?

The refurbishment has three objectives: St Katharine’s beautiful but worn-out façade urgently needs repair. The inefficient heating system is expensive and needs replacing. And we need more space for the Danish language classes and other new cultural events. 

How is the project to be financed?

The building project is expected to cost £2.5 million. The AP Møller Foundation has agreed to pay one half of the cost.  We need to find the other half from other foundations and the Danish community in England to support us.  The aim is to raise £1 million through local fundraising.

What will the refurbishment look like?

A project designed by C.F. Møller Architects UK Ltd will greatly improve the use of the Danish Church in London housed in the beautiful St Katharine’s building. The refurbishment will be executed with respect for the Grade II* listed historic building but also with respect for Scandinavian design traditions. By maximizing the potential of the space available within the existing building fabric, we have sought to reconfigure the vicarage to allow for a better use of space at basement level, whilst also developing a concept design for a new arrangement for the church hall, church shop and kitchen. In addition, the proposal includes underpinning a small section under the North wing to enhance the storage area available to the kitchen. The works to the Nave will be limited to restoration, integration of underfloor heating and works to the pews.


Read more about the refurbishment and view sketches of the new facilities here