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Udgivet torsdag d. 16. september 2021, kl. 09:50

Efter at kirkens byggeprojekt er til ende, har vi nedsat et kunstudvalg. Det består af Bette Broyd, Palle B. Pedersen og Lone Sigurdson. Udvalget har til opgave at sørge for kunst på væggene i church-hall. 

På væggen ind mod kirken hænger nu den første midlertidige udstilling. Det er en fotoudstilling af Andrew Atkinson. Alle billeder er til salg.

Vi håber at kunne lancere nye kunstnere, eventuelt med ferniseringer og foredrag som en del af udstillingerne.

Grundtvig hænger nu igen på en hædersplads i Church Hall. Ligeledes har fire af Dronning Margrethe’s akvareller med bibelske temaer fået fast ophængning. Bliver der i fremtiden skænket nye kunstværker vil vi revidere ophængningen.

Skulle der blandt menigheden være forslag eller tilbud på fremtidige kunstudstillinger, bedes man kontakte et medlem fra kunstudvalget (Lone Sigurdson, Palle B. Pedersen eller Bette Broyd).


Her er information om Andrew Atkinson udstilling med hans egne ord:

Cities in reflection by Andrew Atkinson 05.09.2021

Cities in reflection started early 2007 in Rome when I was working on a project photographing layers of a historical city for a presentation by Kevin McCloud.

The title Cities in reflection came later as I became aware of the connections I was making to the cities. 

Here I have chosen Rome, New York, and my home city London.

In the images from Rome there are narratives, with a light a sense of humour, like the scene with statue with his outstretched hand as if to see if it is raining as a man walks past with an umbrella. The faithful hound sitting patiently in his owner’s motorcycle sidecar parked in a back street.

The photograph of the statue of Camillo Cavour, Italy’s first Prime Minister with his allegorical characters (Rome & Italy, Thought & Action, and Force), all vailed and protected and him standing alone and exposed to the elements, makes its own narrative. When I took this image, I didn’t know it was Camillo Cavour and knew nothing of his history and importance, yet the narrative was the same from the moment I took it.

The photographs of London and New York are not observing the human narrative in the same way but focusing on images of a geometric aspect. The geometry and structures combined with the light and shadow are intriguing, the image of the ventilation grid of a subterranean basement or a fire escape ladder from an upper floor are treated in a way to create a more abstract image of something simple and functional or something familiar looking unfamiliar, or incongruous as with the recognisable structure of a New York water tower set against a geometric reflection of sky.

When in New York, the moment I photographed the freedom tower I paused for thought, I remembered exactly where I was and who I was with for that one day and that is now twenty years ago.

For this exhibition I have chosen a collection of images from my archive of photographs that allows the viewer to pause and reflect on the narrative and the humour around us but also to show the many layers and facets of the city that are not all straight ahead of us, but if we took a moment to look up or down, we may see something else.

The camera allows me to do just that