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The Danish Church

4 St Katharine's Precinct

London NW1 4HH

Church opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 9am - 1pm
Saturday 12 - 15pm
Sunday 10am - 15pm
Monday closed

Tel. 020 7935 7584


You are always very welcome to visit us or contact the church.

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The Danish Church in London
Reg. Charity No. 237897

August 2017August 2017

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The Danish Church in London exists only as long as there are people who choose to support it financially. Many contribute by being loyal members and paying membership fee. Some put a little extra in the collection boxes on Sundays. And some of those who have the means give generous gifts. In recent years such donations have made it possible for the church to have groceries sent from Denmark and to buy e.g. a piano for the Churchhall, cushions for the pews and a new photocopier.
You can make a donation here. Small or big donations are gratefully received.