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The Danish Church

4 St Katharine's Precinct

London NW1 4HH

Church opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 9am - 1pm
Saturday 12 - 15pm
Sunday 10am - 15pm
Monday closed

Tel. 020 7935 7584


You are always very welcome to visit us or contact the church.

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The Danish Church in London
Reg. Charity No. 237897

August 2017August 2017

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Danish Sunday service in LondonDanish Sunday service in London

Once you have opened the doors to St. Katharine’s church and made the three-stair climb up to get inside, you gain access to a unique and special room. Here the ceilings are high, light shines brightly in through the tall windows and your gaze travels easily up towards the stain-glass window and alter, which both lie far from the entrance. Your body is led upwards, along with your gaze, bringing your attention to somewhere far beyond what you are experiencing. The church is built purposely for this reason, because here one connects to something beyond oneself, to God. 

Here something special is at risk, something important, ceremonial, and holy. One might consider for a moment the role that God plays, or doesn’t, in one’s life. 

Many have said that you can be Christian without attending church and Sunday Services. This is certainly true. However, actions within the church are just as important as those taken outside of it. This is not because the church building is holy in itself, but because something exceptional can be found here: a unique ceremony. Here you can communicate directly with God, and if words are needed, they can be borrowed from the holy prayers, hymns and biblical texts that are read aloud in Church.

Of course, you could happily just sit and learn more about Christianity and yourself too.  There is a Sunday Service every week at 11am in St Katharine’s. If you wish to, after the service you can buy a Danish lunch in the Church-hall. 


The Sunday services are spoken in Danish, the hymns are sung from the Danish hymnbook, and the ceremony is the traditional Lutheran service delivered in the Danish parish churches. We do have a few ‘Danish services’ per year in the English language- so keep an eye on the calendar for details.